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Bad Hair

We've all had bad hair days, but COVID-19 closures of hair salons and barber shops have taken a toll.  People are resorting to home haircuts, seeking Youtube tutorials for DIY quarantine haircutting techniques.  

But one of the complaints heard most frequently is from those women of a certain age, whose gray roots are growing out. Sure, there's the option of buying some drugstore hair dye but would that be considered an acceptable, essential shopping trip?

Grooming and dress codes in general seem to have come down a few notches, though some put a lot of effort into their public appearances, for example coordinating masks with outfits, and wearing ball caps or headbands to control wayward strands.

In the scheme of things, bad hair is a petty issue, not worth the risk.  It's a way for citizens to contribute to flattening the curve.  Isn't that worth the personal sacrifice?

(Photo by Emily Ferrara

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