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Notes from a Sequestration


I’m sitting at the breakfast table  
with my functional MRI cap on
listening to Car Talk  
on the radio, 
Tom and Ray  
are laughing, 
one of them has died, 
this is The Best of Car Talk, 
after all, 
and I wonder  
if important parts  
of my brain  

are lighting up, 
we are so hungry  
for connection. 



by Nancy Jasper

Nancy Jasper is a retired clinical social worker, now living in Massachusetts.  She has published 9 online microchaps with the Origami Poems Project. In 2015 the OPP nominated her for a Pushcart Prize. Her work has also appeared in Leviathan, 嗳Gavea-Brown, The Wrack Line, and the anthology Missing Providence. Her collection of Icelandic poems, Egil Is Baffled By Grief, is available through Amazon. 

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