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Photo by Emily Ferrara

Joseph Kleponis taught English and American Literature in schools north of Boston. He is a member of the Grey Court Poets, a community poetry group in Methuen, MA. His poetry has appeared in various online and print publications such as the Aurorean, Boston Literary Magazine, Eucalypt, Leaflet: the Journal of the New England Association of Teachers of English, Methuen Life, Muddy River Poetry Review, and The Penmen Review of Southern New Hampshire University.

Still Life in the Time of Virus

by Joseph Kleponis

There is the cliché

     of rosy fingered dawn 

     pushing away

     the curtains of night.


There is morning birdsong,

      for me

      but not for me.


There is the sky

     perhaps no bluer than it has been

     yet bluer still.


There are the church bells;

    I heard them before;

    I hear them again.


There are the walkers

     walking together

     but apart.


There are the neighbors

     but not at the fence line.


There is a smudge in the trees,

     crows staging

     as evening calls.


There are the icy chips of stars

    across the sky,

    still indifferent from afar.


There is this stillness

    an unusual stillness

    that is now no longer new. 

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