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About the Museum Curator


Emily Ferrara is a poet and writer, a collector of personal memorabilia and found objects, a visual artist, photographer and educator. She is on the faculty of UMass Medical School in Worcester, MA. Her belief in interdisciplinary approaches to incite creative collaborations has resulted in this virtual museum project.

Emily views the museum as an opportunity to reveal and "unpack" a variety of perspectives at the intersection of public health, social justice and the arts. Other threads and themes will undoubtedly emerge as museum visitors and contributors grow and diversify.

Her particular sensibilities inform the museum's collections as well as the editorial content of the museum's literary journal, "Pendemics."  Explore the site, and send your ideas and comments via the "Contact" tab.  

Your artifacts, writings, visual images, and more are welcomed. Check out the "Submissions" tab for details on how to submit to the museum collection and the Pendemics journal.

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