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Pendemic Posts


This gallery of the museum is dedicated to writing and visual art exploring the individual and collective experiences of life during the COVID-19 pandemic, from its early days in spring 2020 to current day experiences. New postings occur monthly, and submissions are open.   

See Pendemics Posts submission guidelines for details. 

Click on the Pendemics Posts tab to read and view posts from the past year.

To date, subjects have included the historical connection between plagues and creativity; haiku and senyru illuminating daily observations during lockdown; an Alice in Wonderland inspired piece that describes the 'topsy-turvy' experience of shelter-in-place, and so much more.


Below are some topics/prompts to get you started, but feel free to generate your own: 

- How has life changed for you? What has gained importance? And what have you discovered is not so important after all? 

- How are you spending your time?

- Are you separated from your loved ones? Or finding your quarters too close?

- Working from home? Telecommuting, Zooming, etc.

- Homeschooling your children for the first time? 

- Experiences of COVID-testing, getting vaccinated (or not)

- Post Quarantine Worlds

- Speculating about what some refer to as the “new normal”?

The Global Quarantine Museum seeks your responses to these questions/topics  and more. We invite your virtual submissions of poetry, short prose and visual art.  

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