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OCTOBER 1, 2021


At this phase of the global pandemic, we are living in a transitional space between what was and what will be. From the full-blown, out-of-control sweep of illness and death of 2020 brought about by COVID-19 to the current projections of a global resurgence in the fall of 2021. What do we make of this time “in between”? Has the experience of the pandemic opened our eyes to the possibility that, “We have two lives. The second begins when we realize we only have one” (Confucius)?  Perhaps this is the threshold we are crossing. 


We are seeking poems, visual images, and short-short stories or essays that reflect liminality in the context of COVID (whether during the height of quarantine and social distancing, or in this post-quarantine time), as well as in other types of universal contexts: rites of passage, space-time phenomena, the affront of a loved one’s dementia, lucid dreaming, journeys through unknown terrain – a canyon, a bayou, a barrio, the Nile, a crypt, a dust storm, a state of mind.

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At a Boundary or Threshold 

In-Between, Transitional, In the Bardo

Border Crossings, Passages

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Paris street family bread copy B&W.jpg

La Marais, Paris (c) 2014 Emily Ferrara

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