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by Peter Dan Levin


Torrential rains wash dirty window panes

while slipstreams of winds remind me of 

swinging on a rope over a stream, plunging 

into muddy waters, swimming to shore, 

grabbing thickets of bushes, emerging cold 

while delinquents threw pebbles at me, 

too young to know what lay ahead, wars,

holocausts, flights to the Moon, temporary 

success jarred by failures, now old, trapped 

in a slipstream of viruses, plus phrasings of 

lies and threats by a leader whose nonporous

porcelain brain cripples our lives and destroys 

our civilization. What will be inscribed on the

tombstone of our Planet?  That is a secret.

Photograph in the public domain

Peter Dan Levin is an actor, director and poet. He trained as an actor at Carnegie Mellon then in London on a Fulbrght Scholarship. On Broadway acted in the original production of "The Diary Of Anne Frank". He played in several Shakespeare plays in Rep at The Globe Theater in San Diego and in Princeton at The McCarter Theatre. In 1962, with his wife Audrey Davis, he founded an off-off Broadway theater in NYC called "Hardware Poets Playhouse," which featured scripts by many poets.  Peter Dan stopped acting when he couldn't get a job as a waiter and began directing at WCBS in NY, later settling in Los Angeles where he directed dozens of TV series and three dozen movies of the week like "Homeless To Harvard."  He has always loved poetry and in 2013 joined the poetry group of Grace Cavalieri, Maryland Poet Laureate.

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